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Want to study in Germany but not sure how to go about it? Not sure if you have what it takes? Let us tell you more about the application process and what you need to be able to study in Germany!

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Already in Germany and not sure what to do? Looking for other Singaporeans in your region or around Germany? Looking for friends to makan with? Wondering what life in Germany is like?

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SSAG KLW ’18: A Special Edition Review Article

Another year, another hugely successful Kennenlernenwochenende! The SSAG Exco 18/19 would like to thank everyone for helping us make KLW 2018 one of the best attended and most anticipated events in the history of the SSAG. It was only a year ago that we made SSAG history by hosting the first ever “Was SSAGen die […]

Special Edition – You think, I thought, who confirm?

For non-Singaporeans, learning Singlish can be really challenging. On the other hand, for Singaporeans already used to the sounds of Singlish, German could be perplexing. To bridge this transition, here are lingos that are similar if not identical in both languages. Share with us, if you know any other words and phrases that are similar in […]

SSAG AGM ’18: A Special Edition Review Article

Thanks to everybody for making AGM 2018 an unprecedented success! In May 2017, we hosted our AGM in Munich at Rohde & Schwarz. For our KLW, we headed north to the Singapore Embassy in Berlin, and made SSAG history with our first-ever student career event, “Was SSAGen die Unternehmen?” in October 2017. This year, Mann […]

AGM 2018 Presentation and Election Results

We are proud to announce the election of the new Executive Committee! President: Ryanne Leong Vice-Presidents: Jacob Lee, Jimson Eng Treasurer: Jack Tan PR Manager: Priscilla Tan Secretary: Lucas Tan It’s been a pleasure serving you and we wish our incoming Exco all the best for the coming year. Yours sincerely, SSAG Exco 2017/18