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Servus, Moin, Grüezi, Grüß dich, Hallo – Welcome to SSAG.eu!

It doesn’t matter if you’re into experiencing the bustle of up-and-coming Berlin, revelling with friends in Biergartens across traditional-yet-modern Munich, living it up Swiss-style in Zürich, singing to the sound of music in Salzburg or simply curious to find out more about higher education in Germany whilst in sunny Singapore; we at SSAG hope that this website will be your one-stop portal to staying local while going global – well, in Germany and surrounding German-speaking countries at least!

All of us at SSAG understand the anxieties and sense of apprehension one faces when stepping out of our Singaporean and usual Anglophone comfort zone, especially when it involves embarking on a new chapter of our education. It is with this in mind that we at SSAG decided to put together all the important information that you’ll need with respect to studying in Germany. Popular topics and commonly sought tips can be found on your right, while more in-depth information and step-by-step guides on coming to as well as settling down in Germany can be accessed from the navigation bar above (viz. ‘Studying in Germany’ and ‘Living in Germany’). You can also find out more about who we are, what we do, where our members are located and how to get into contact with us from the navigation bar above. While most of our members are located in Germany, apart from providing information on studying in Germany, we nonetheless try to provide as much pointers as we can for those looking to study in Switzerland or in Austria in the respective sections as well. For our German as well as German-speaking friends from Switzerland, Austria and beyond who are keen to learn about the sunny island called Singapore which we hail from, feel free to explore our ‘SG:DE’ section; through our short but informative articles in both German and English, we hope to do our part in encouraging and facilitating intercultural exchanges as well as understanding between Germans and Singaporeans!

Although we try to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible, given our constraints we understand that our guides and lists are not exhaustive. For this reason, we hope that you would ‘Like’ our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter to show your support and receive the latest updates; most importantly, join our Facebook Group so that we can get back to you without delay – after all, the SSAG works together as a family and we are sure our currently over 250 members as well as alumni on our Facebook Group would be more than glad to speedily answer your queries. For those of you who know you’ll be joining us in Germany soon or are already in Germany, we urge you to register with us so that we can assist you to the best of our abilities, be it ensuring you’re personally kept in the loop regarding our or our partners’ activities near you, as well as helping you link up with friends around your area. Should you need to update your particulars, please use this Update form!

Last but not least, we cannot emphasise enough how all of us here at SSAG are friends first and foremost and would be glad to help you should you have any questions or require any assistance in anyway – just like how family should. Any recent updates and announcements can be found right under this post. Once again, don’t hesitate to approach any of us (be it personally or on social platforms such as our Facebook group) and with that, we wish you all the best!




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