About us

The Singapore Students’ Association of Germany (SSAG) is a non-profit support organisation run by students in Germany.

Our fundamental aim is to promote the Singapore culture and provide support to our members by providing avenues for interaction among Singaporean students in Germany. Being distributed all over Germany, Singaporeans often have to travel long distances to meet up with those residing in other cities. For this reason, the SSAG actively uses online platforms such as Facebook and organises regular activities such as the AGM and the Kennenlernwochenende (KLW) to help Singaporeans and their friends keep close in touch.

With the increasing number of Singaporeans interested in pursuing further studies in Germany, the SSAG has taken on a more active role in helping newcomers to orientate themselves with life in Germany. We also serve as a communication channel linking our members with various organisations such as Contact Singapore (CS), the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German-Asian Friendship Association (GAFA). Ultimately, we aim to connect our members to the community and beyond through both our SSAG-organised activities, as well as that of our partners.

If you are interested in studying in Germany but are not sure where to begin, or currently already studying in Germany on a full-time or part-time basis but have not registered with us, do get in touch with us at [email protected] and register yourself! This would be the best way to ensure that you’re kept in the loop with respect to the latest updates, information and happenings. Apart from our website, do ‘Like’ our Facebook page to show your support and receive important updates, or join our Facebook group for closer interaction with other members!

The Executive Committee of 2022/2023

President: Lorraine Ong (LMU München)
Vice-President: Sun Yudong (LMU München)
Treasurer: Indrakshee Mukherjee (Technische Universität München)
Secretary: Choon Pui Leng (Universität Tübingen)

Our Constitution

Click here to read our constitution!

Our History

The SSAG was officially founded in June 1998 in Munich by a group of dedicated people committed to realising the dream of bringing Singaporean students all over Germany together. Over time, this has evolved to provide more than just a greater support network; we also now present our members with more opportunities to explore their post-education options through our various partnerships, as well as encourage greater inter-cultural exchanges by welcoming not just Singaporeans, but anyone who has affiliations or is simply interested in all things Singaporean and Singapore-related!

Past SSAG Executive Committees
Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PR Manager
21/22 Foo Yee Cheng Lorraine Ong,
Sun Yudong
John Ho Choon Pui Leng
20/21 Elizabeth Tong Foo Yee Cheng,
Chow Cheng Shon
Foo Tze Chuan John Ho Lim Wei Wen
19/20 Jade Tan Jimson Eng,
Elizabeth Tong
Foo Yee Cheng John Ho Melissa Lee Fen Amrein
18/19 Ryanne Leong Jacob Lee,
Jimson Eng
Lucas Tan Jack Tan Priscilla Tan
17/18 Lucas Tan Ryanne Leong,
Rong Chen Leng
Krismin Goh Jacob Lee Tina U.K.
16/17 Stephen Tan Lucas Tan,
Li-Chung Kin
Monica Huang Yue Lin Toh Amelia Lim
15/16 Stephen Tan Lucas Tan Ryanne Leong Wong Xinyuan
14/15 Justin Loke Amelia Lim Jeffrey Angus Audrey Khoo Wong Seng Yeow
13/14 Lau Yu Jay Wang Xiang Justin Loke Audrey Khoo Wong Seng Yeow
12/13 Jafnie Ardie Jaffa Raymond Ho Justin Loke Patrick Tan Lau Yu Jay
11/12 Adeline Tay Lynette Tay Wong Kit Yeng Iris Quek Yeo Kheng Hui
10/11 Yeo Kheng Hui Adeline Tay Teddy Low Wong Kit Yeng
09/10 Wang Shubei Bernie Wong Hadi Adisurya Kang Malcolm Boey Hadi Adisurya Kang
Keung Xi Zhen
08/09 Keung Xi Zhen Wong Guojun Bernie Wong Malcolm Boey Khairul Azman
Keung Xi Zhen
07/08 Samantha Sue Wong Lee Ting Wang Shubei Keung Xi Zhen Khairul Azman
Keung Xi Zhen
06/07 Wayne Pang Melanie Huang Jialin Koh Khairul Azman Khairul Azman
Wong Wenjie
05/06 Wayne Pang Melanie Huang Jialin Koh Khairul Azman Khairul Azman
Wong Wenjie
04/05 Wong Wenjie Keve Sng Samantha Sue Augustine Zhang Wong Wenjie
03/04 Ooi Boon Ping Jermaine Loy Eunice Lee Jason Chan Wong Wenjie
02/03 Ooi Boon Ping Jermaine Loy Zool Ikhsan Jason Chan Jason Chan
01/02 Tong Ting Yap Karthik Kumar Ang Ruiyi Tong Ting Yap
00/01 Tong Ting Yap Ang Ruiyi Ang Ruiyi Lee Meng Tuck
99/00 Esther Teo Yuen Shao Wei Chng Chin Soon Lee Seong Per
98/99 Augustine Lim Lee Chong Hock Lee Meng Tuck Augustine Lim


Our Sponsors

Being a non-profit organisation, the SSAG does not collect membership fees from members. In other words, as long as you are Singaporean, or a PR who had stayed or studied in Singapore for some time, you are welcome to join us at no cost – all you need to do is register! Non-Singaporeans and non-Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) with friends who are registered members of the SSAG are also welcomed to apply for membership and join us in our activities – do contact us personally for more information!

As the SSAG Executive Committee (Exco) also serves on a voluntary basis, we welcome any form of support from you – sponsorship of our activities are greatly appreciated. For government-linked organisations as well as corporate bodies, we are open to the idea of advertising your organisation’s activities (such as events relevant to students or student life in general) on our various online platforms as well as print media in exchange for a token sum of appreciation. Such sponsors and partners include Contact Singapore, with whom we had been closely working with from 2009 to 2017 and have generously provided us with much needed financial support as well as publicity. Since the discontinuation of Contact Singapore in 2017, we are currently in the process of securing sponsorship from other organisations.

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