Pre-Departure Event 2022

Pre-Departure Event 2022

This year’s SSAG Pre-Departure Event took place on 10 September 2022 as our first-ever hybrid event, with an information webinar from 2.30pm-4.30pm (SGT) followed by a networking dinner from 6.30pm to 10pm (SGT). The event commenced with an informational webinar and Q&A session for the prospective students. In a short presentation, the seniors shared tips through their own experiences on areas such as finding housing and navigating German bureaucracy. Thereafter, the session was broken up into three breakout rooms so that the students could ask more personal questions to the seniors and discuss any regional differences, especially for the regions of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where most of the exchange students are heading to. While the participants were initially reserved, they soon opened up, giving rise to a lively discussion. Feedback was great and many students found it a very helpful and informative session.

With the nitty-gritty administrative information out of the way, the highlight of the event — our Pre-Departure Dinner — was ready to kick off! Studying in Germany is a step off the beaten path for many, and the journey can be lonely. This annual event helps fellow students get to know each other better and build a support network before even boarding their flights! As the Singapore Students’ Association of Germany, we gathered at Essen @ The Pinnacle to eat (essen) together and get to know each other a little better.

Over 35 students, prospective students and incoming full-time students alike came together over food to talk about the exciting new experiences to come. Some of our SSAG alumni were also there to share some insights into life in Germany, and what to expect as a student. Is it really true that shops close on Sunday and public holidays? What are some must-try foods? And of course, what are the must-see travel destinations? These were just some of the lively conversations that night, and we are excited for our participants and new members to embark on a brand new journey overseas.

“We are thrilled to make a return to in-person events after 2 years of Covid restrictions, and hope that all participants had a great time!”

Organising Team

Looking ahead, we’re excited to welcome a new batch of Singaporean students to Germany at our annual Kennenlernenwochenende (KLW) from 28-30 October 2022 in Ulm!

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