Pre-Departure Session 2020

Pre-Departure Session 2020

The Singapore Students’ Association of Germany (SSAG) organised its inaugural online Pre-Departure Session this year, in light of the current pandemic situation. Although we could not meet in person, that didn’t stop us from having an enjoyable catch-up with each other over Zoom!

The event saw many new potential students as well as incoming exchange students tuning in; along with the strong support from current students and German Alumni members, this has once again been an excellent event for both parties to get to know each other, share their experiences and gather more information for their upcoming semester in Germany.

We are heartened by the positive attendance and hope to see some of you in our upcoming events ?

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] should you have further queries about studying in Germany!

Here are some thoughts from our participants about the event:

Although the event had to be shifted to the online Zoom platform this year, it was still very informative and beneficial. I gained useful tips from the SSAG seniors and alumni regarding pre-departure matters such as visa application and arranging for accommodation, as well as in-depth insight into student life in Germany. The personal anecdotes that were shared in the Zoom breakout room also provided me with a better understanding of what I should expect in Germany.

Additionally, it also made me feel more reassured knowing that there is a small but strong Singaporean community in Germany, which would provide invaluable support in such a foreign land.

-Pui Leng

Despite the circumstances, it was a great opportunity to attend SSAG’s pre-departure session and learn more about first hand experiences of students living in Germany. There’s only so much one can find through research and Googling but the personal experiences that were shared were great to hear and they gave me a much better idea of what my life in Germany might look like. A lovely community of warm, welcoming and inclusive people and I can’t wait to meet them all in person and bond over our experiences.


Despite the Covid situation, SSAG helped to organise a really wonderful and insightful sharing session. I learned a lot from listening to experienced students sharing about all aspects of their life in Germany, ranging from food to transport and even financial management. And most importantly, we get to know people who are heading to the same school!


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