Getting around in Germany

There are various options for travelling around in Germany.

The following 3 are the most used and most convenient methods:
1. Renting a car or car pooling
2. Travelling by bus
3. Travelling by train

As with many things, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of the methods, but generally there are 3 factors: price, duration and flexibility.

Travelling by bus would probably the most budget-friendly mode of transport, but tends to take a lot of time as well as be inflexible.
Travelling by train tends to be the most expensive of the 3, but if you book early, you might get some good prices that make it worth it!
Renting a car requires you to first have a valid driving license, but tends to be the most flexible and fast.
Car pooling is another method of travel that tends to be very budget friendly and convenient, when there are drivers travelling the same route as you are.

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