Mail and Postage

Letters and Postcards

 POSTCARD  €0.45  €0.90*
 LETTER (UP TO 20G)  €0.70  €0.90
 LETTER (UP TO 50G)  €0.85  €1.50
 LETTER (UP TO 500G)  €1.45  €3.70
 LETTER (UP TO 1000G)  €2.60  €7.00

*Flat rate to all international destinations


 PACKAGES OF UP TO 2KG  €4.50  €17.00

Prices for packages heavier than 2kg are calculated differently; do note that in addition to weight restrictions for letters, there are also size limitations. Do check the Deutsche Post website for the latest and most accurate information, or simply bring your box to the post office and ask them for the different possibilities (air, land, express, overnight etc.) as well as prices. Boxes of various sizes are also available at Deutsche Post outlets and their online shop, with prices starting from €1.50.

Information is updated as of 14 Dec 2016.