Application Checklist

The following is a checklist of documents required by most higher education institutions for a successful application to a German university, but this list should by no means be seen as THE guide for ALL universities! Please always check with the International Admission department of the respective universities, as procedures differ from institution to institution!

Item Notes
Fully-filled Application form The Uni-Assist portal is used as the central application pool for ALL medical school applications (less LMU), while some universities use the Uni-Assist portal for other subjects. Some use their own online application portals, while there are others which still use the paper application. The form is available here. Please check with the respective universities on how they will process your applications!
School Graduation Certificate/ Polytechnic graduation certificate The SGC is compulsory for all applicants with an ‘A’ level cert – please remember to submit all 8-10 pages of your SGC or your application will be rejected (especially important for IP students)!The polytechnic graduation certificate should contain your grades and the full transcript of records for polytechnic graduates. Please refer to the following website for more information on the accreditation of the A levels and Diplomas.
O level/Integrated Programme Sec 4 Promotional Examination certificate Students who have gone through the Integrated Programme MUST submit their O level Higher Mother Tongue/ Mother Tongue examination certificate! This is extremely important to prove that you have passed your Mother Tongue/ Second language component!
Transcript of records for uncompleted studies This is only for applicants who have been matriculated in another university but have NOT completed their studies, and are intending to transfer to a German University
German language proficiency certificate For more information on German language tests recognised by German universities, please refer to Language Requirements
Passport photo
CCA Certificates
Curriculum Vitae Please sign at the bottom of your CV
Additional Documents
Letter of Motivation Most undergraduate courses do not require Letters of Motivation, but certain universities do, such as Universität Mannheim and LMU. However, most Masters and post graduate studies require the above-mentioned documents, so please check with your university directly!
Testimonials and Letters of Recommendations
Orientation tests Certain states, such as the state of Baden-Württemberg, require all applicants to take a certain orientation test in order to be admitted into the university. The same goes for certain universities, which may require its students to take an online test to determine their aptitude and interest in the subject. Please check with the respective faculties and universities for more information.


– Please remember ALL certificates will have to be certified by an official notary! And check with the university if they require the original certificate or if a notarised copy will suffice.

– Most German universities do not require documents and certificates to be translated into German if they are already in English. However, do check with the university on their stance regarding non-German language documents.

-The application deadline for non-EU applicants for most universities (without a Numerus Clausus) is July 15 for the Winter Semester and January 15 for the Summer Semester. Documents which arrive at the universities after these dates will be rejected, which means you should send your documents well in advance. The results of the selection process is usually released in mid August to mid-September, which will give you around 1 – 1.5 months to prepare for your studies in Germany.

– Upon submission of your application documents, we strongly recommend all prospective students to apply for the ‘Study Applicants’ Visa’, which can be obtained even without a letter of acceptance from a German university. As the visa application can take as long as 8-10 weeks, there might be insufficient time for you to apply for a visa upon receiving your acceptance letter, and your letter of acceptance may even be revoked if you do not arrive by your university’s enrolment deadline. For more information on applying for your visa, please click here.

– Searching for your accommodation should be done as early as possible, and not only after you have received your acceptance letter. Please click here to find out more about finding accommodation for university.

– Singaporean males who need to serve NS are not allowed to apply for a place in a German university and hold the place for the period of your service. Please take note that you are only allowed to apply in the semester which you intend to start your studies.

ALL Applicants interested in medical school must apply through the Uni-Assist portal, less those interested in studying at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich). Please see the Uni-Assist website for more information.

– Some universities might request that you submit an APS certificate. Please take note that we do NOT need an APS certification, as it is necessary only for Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese applicants with certificates from China, Mongolia and Vietnam. Should your university request one, please point to them on the world map that we are an independent country in Southeast Asia (and that we’re nowhere in China!).