Pre-Departure Checklist

Pre-Departure Checklist

Have you already bought the following items?

Item Remarks
Extra pair of spectacles They’re really expensive in Germany!
Winter Jacket Buy/bring just one winter jacket. More can be bought after arrival in Germany. (Tip: Wait until the post-Christmas sale in Europe, you won’t regret it!)
Long sleeved shirts and thermal underwear This can also be bought in Germany, if necessary.
Rice cooker Useful for steamboats too!
Chopsticks “Asian” items can cost quite a fair bit more than they normally would back home!
Prima Taste Food Packets Quick and easy method of preparing your Singaporean meals when you’re homesick, or when you want to organise dinner for your German friends!
Instant noodles Bring along your favourite flavours from home – they will be your best friends during the exam season!
Power adaptor Nothing can be a bigger bummer than finding out that your appliances cannot be used in Germany – especially if it’s because of the plug!
Scientific calculator If required by your course.
English-German Dictionary/Phrasebook Would be good to bring one along, if you’ve already own one.
Panadol, Tiger balm, Po Chai pills, Medicated Oil, personal medication Even if you don’t use them, tiger balm make amazing presents – Germans are thrilled by them!
Stationery, ie. Mechanical pencils and refills, pens, writing pads Paper and good ballpoint pens can be expensive here – so if you have forgotten to bring them, ask your parents to bring it with them on their next visit!
Mahjong Set / Playing cards Nothing beats playing these games when you’re 10,000km away from home!

Before flying off, have you…

  • Applied for and received the correct visa?
  • Bought your air tickets?
  • Bought your International Student Card (ISIC) for discounts on accommodation and transport? Click here for more information!
  • Extended your passport with the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority for the period you will be overseas?
  • Registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
  • Applied for your Exit Permit to defer your NS liabilities?
  • Brought enough (biometric compatible) passport photographs to navigate and last you through your brushes with German bureaucracy?
  • Changed your Singapore Dollars to Euros?
  • Had a haircut? Especially important for guys – good haircuts can be expensive in Germany!
  • Packed your acceptance letter, welcome package and transcript of records along (particularly for exchange and transfer students)?
  • Found a place to stay for at least the first few nights if you have yet to secure a long-term accommodation?
  • Said your final goodbyes?
  • Found a contact person in the city you are going to?

If you have said YES to all the questions above… Have a safe flight and we look forward to welcoming you here! Gute Reise!

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