Exchange Semester in Germany

Perhaps a full-time course or completing an entire Bachelor’s or Master’s programme in a foreign country may not be quite your cup of tea, but there are still many opportunities for you to come to Germany via an exchange semester or two! This page will be a guide for those who are considering doing an exchange semester in Deutschland.

Exchange Programmes with Local Universities
Our local universities in Singapore have extensive partnerships with many different German universities, so do click on the following links to see the list of German universities you can apply to do an exchange with!

Applying as a Freemover
Don’t like the choices offered by your universities, or not offered the university which you wanted? Don’t worry – there’s always the opportunity to apply to German universities as a Freemover. In a Freemover programme, you do not pay school fees at your home university for the period of the programme, but at your guest university instead. The selection criteria varies from university to university – some only accept students with German knowledge, while others accept only students from visa-free countries (Singapore is unfortunately not one of them for this purpose). Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to try to contact the respective international offices of the universities you are interested in because who knows? A Zulassungsbescheid (acceptance letter) might be headed your way!

Preparing for my Exchange
Do read the following guides on how to settle in quickly for your exchange, as well as how to make the most out of it!