SSAG KLW ’18: A Special Edition Review Article

Another year, another hugely successful Kennenlernenwochenende! The SSAG Exco 18/19 would like to thank everyone for helping us make KLW 2018 one of the best attended and most anticipated events in the history of the SSAG.

It was only a year ago that we made SSAG history by hosting the first ever "Was SSAGen die Unternehmen?", a one-day student career event held at the Singapore Embassy in Berlin. This year, we hosted a first-class lineup of esteemed speakers rich in knowledge and experience about the German and Singapore industries, and even added an additional element of panel discussions ("The Klartext Sessions") to the lineup, which served to broaden the dimensions of the agenda by generating in-depth conversation between our speakers.

Following that, our speakers and SSAG members rounded off the evening by chatting over beers and getting to know each other during a relaxed dinner and karaoke session. The next two days went by in a blur of activity, from a full-day Berlin historical tour to a full-day makan tour, and before we knew it, it was time to balik kampong again.

The SSAG Exco would like to express their immense gratitude to the following parties who have been invaluable in making this event possible.

First off, we are greatly indebted to:

  • the Singapore Embassy in Berlin, for hosting us yet again and for working closely with us during the organisation of this event;
  • Ambassador Lawrence Bay for his constant and steadfast support of the SSAG’s endeavours;
  • Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Guo Wei Min for his warm welcome and opening speech;
  • Our Guest-of-Honour Mr. Ulf Schneider from Infineon for his timely insights in his keynote speech;

Secondly, our honoured speakers and panelists, namely:

  • Mr. Jan Ehlen from BMW,
  • Mr. Henning Lux, Mrs. Judy Lux and Mr. Duy Nguyen from Quadratek Data Solutions (Clincase),
  • The Rohde & Schwarz contingent including Mr. Ping Loke, Mr. Torsten Göring, Mr. Dung Nguyen, Ms. Toh Yue Lin and Mr. Lucas Tan,

for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts with us;

As always, a huge shout-out to our sponsors and financial supporters:

  •  Dr. Lim Boon Huat of Rohde & Schwarz Asia for sponsoring our group dinner on Friday;
  • Mr. Jason Chan, our SSAG Exco alumni, whose generously donated funds were used to sponsor our city activities on the third day as well as to cover group transport and subsidise accommodation for full SSAG members;
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lux of Clincase, for hosting our karaoke evening at their office premises and for co-sponsoring drinks together with
  • Mr. Loke Ping Bu, our SSAG alumni, who also sponsored our karaoke and sound system rental;

Fourth, for supporting us in the organisation of this event, we would like to thank

  • Mr. Donald Tsang of the Singapore Embassy in Berlin,
  • as well as Ms. Sun Yidan of the Economic Development Board;

And of course, last but not least:

  • Over 35 SSAG members and friends who constantly and consistently make time, regardless of what’s on their plate, year after year, to meet up with fellow Singaporeans at our annual events.
  • WE LOVE YOU! <3

The Exco hopes you enjoyed KLW as much as we did, and are looking forward to seeing you again in 6 months at the AGM!

– Ryanne, Exco President, on behalf of SSAG Exco 18/19

KLW was nothing like I had expected. I joined the event, thinking that it would just be another get-to-know-people session, but it turned out to be so much more.

The most promising session, I would say, is the talk at the Singapore Embassy. We got to hear different perspectives, from different people, company and country. Throughout the session, some interesting facts were brought up, like the difference in the working style and environment, as well as the culture and values. However, it was not just about knowing the current situation, but rather how the future would look like. The difference between the East and the West is enormous, but the future we are shaping is of a common goal. This inspired me and gave me high hopes about the future.

Being informative was just a tiny part of the KLW. The most important thing was, it was totally fun. I guessed most of us had not sung our hearts out for an unbelievably long time, so the karaoke session was undeniably easily the most enjoyable and memorable moment. For me, I took part in the Berlin tour. Getting to explore Berlin was really interesting. I was impressed by the historical city more than once. The tour itself was amazing, a big applause to the tour guide Jimson here. Of course, the food provided was also something to look forward to.

Last but not least, I was really grateful to have the opportunity to join KLW. I really appreciate the efforts put up by the EXCO and the speakers, not to forget everyone that helped to make this event happen. Thank you for making this possible.

– Anne Leong

Nach meinem wunderbaren Erlebnis bei der AGM im April dieses Jahr habe ich die Gelegenheit ergriffen, für das Kennenlernenwochenende (KLW) nach Berlin zu fahren — und es hat mich definitiv nicht enttäuscht.

Eines der Highlights von dem KLW war ohne Zweifel die “Was SSAGen die Unternehmen? II” Veranstaltung, die bei der singapurischen Botschaft durchgeführt  wurde. Wir hörten den Podiumsgästen zu, als sie ihr umfangreiches Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen im Bereich der Forschungs- und Entwicklungseinrichtung, Regierungsgeschäfte, Start-Ups und Praktika mit uns teilten. Die “Klartext”-Sitzungen boten uns die Gelegenheit, unsere brennenden Fragen über Arbeitsmöglichkeiten, berufliche Förderung, kulturelle Nuancen und Unterschiede zwischen verschiedenen Ländern der Welt in einer offenen und angenehmen Atmosphäre zu stellen.

Neben den Podiumsdiskussionen und Vorträgen haben wir natürlich auch Berlin erkundet — das Brandenburger Tor, das Holocaust-Mahnmal, und die Siegessäule sind für Besucher ein „Muss“. Besonders aufschlussreich war für mich der Rundgang durch die Berliner Unterwelt; die ausführliche Führung bat einen eindrucksvollen Einblick in die unterirdischen Schutzräume, die während des Zweiten Weltkrieges im Bereich des Gesundbrunnen U-Bahnhofs zu Luftschutzzwecken ausgebaut wurden. Kaum zu denken, dass Tausende täglich an den Türen der Schutzräume vorbeigehen, ohne zu ahnen, dass sich dahinter großflächige und geschichtsträchtige Räume verbergen!

Während der vier (viel zu kurzen) Tage haben wir ein gutes Verhältnis miteinander durch eine Reihe von Aktivitäten aufgebaut, eine davon ist natürlich unser Volkssport — essen! Von der Suche nach köstlichen Dim Sum und Kushiyaki bis zum Warten auf leckere Bubble Teas oder Zimtschnecken war jeder dabei. Nicht zu vergessen der lustige Karaoke-Abend, bei dem wir uns bis der Morgen graute die Seele aus dem Leib gesungen haben. Dies alles führte dazu, dass wir uns wie zu Hause gefühlt haben. Die vielen tiefgründigen Gespräche und die neu geknüpften Freundschaften waren für mich der beste Teil des KLWs. Es war ermutigend, dass sich viele von uns schon an das Leben in Deutschland gut angepasst haben und daher den Erstis Rat und Ermunterung bieten konnten. Diese Kleinigkeiten bilden zusammen ein Zugehörigkeitsgefühl, das ich sehr wertschätze.

Ich bin dem Exekutivkomitee sehr dankbar dafür, dass sie dieses Programm sorgfältig organisiert haben. Dieses schöne Wochenende hat uns alle ein Stückchen Heimat gegeben — besonders für diejenigen, die seit langem nicht zu Hause waren — und ich hoffe, dass dieses warme und wohlige Gefühl sich über den kommenden Winter in unseren Herzen anhalten wird.

– Foo Yee Cheng

The Kennenlernenwochenende 2018 took place from the 1st to the 4th of November 2018. This yearly tradition gathers Singaporean students in German-speaking countries in Europe together for a weekend of fun as well as meaningful discussion.

The majority of the participants arrived on Thursday, the 1st of November. It was delightful to start the weekend, learning new names over a warm bowl of Ramen and catching up with old acquaintances over a familiar cup of bubble tea.

On Friday, we were treated to a fruitful learning session at the Was SSAGen die Unternehmen? II, hosted by the Singapore Embassy in Berlin. We were honoured to hear about how working in Germany is like and what companies look for in applicants from Mr. Ulf Schneider, current Head of R&D (Embedded Security Solutions) at Infineon, Mr. Jan Ehlens, Senior Manager of Government Affairs Asia at BMW Group and Mr Loke Ping Bu, Vice President of Strategic Projects at Rohde and Schwarz (R&S). Our alumnus Ms Toh Yue Lin, together with Mr Dung Nguyen from Purdue University and our very own Mr Lucas Tan (a scholar with R&S) also shared with us their insights regarding internships and scholarships in Germany.

After a fruitful day of learning, we consolidated our learning and experiences over a sumptuous dinner which was sponsored by our donors. The night only got better, as we were blessed to unwind and sing our hearts out over a Karaoke session – hosted by Clincase.

On Saturday, a group of us took part in a historical tour about the history of Berlin. We explored sites from Berlin Wall to the wonders of the Berlin Unterwelten. One of our member found the Unterwelten tour to be “a mind-blowing experience” as it was “oddly inspiring to know how much one can achieve without being above ground”, which lead him “to rethink the concept of a bomb shelter from (his) Singapore days spent in new HDBs or underground MRT stations”.

At the same time, another group of us explored the wonders of the café and shopping scene in Berlin. From cinnamon rolls to shopping at Uniqlo, we had an amazing time exploring Berlin.

We concluded the weekend with a free and easy bonding session in the premises of the hostel. It was heart-warming to partake in the familiar Singaporean-banter, as we shared about hobbies and exchanged information as well as views on current affairs. Promises to keep in contact and meet up again at the next event were made as we bid farewell to the first group that had to depart. Many of us were already looking forward to the next event – AGM 2019.

– Priscilla Tan, Exco 18/19 PR Manager

The Berliner Unterwelten was a mind-blowing experience. I was forced to rethink the concept of a bomb shelter from my Singapore days spent in new HDBs or underground MRT stations. It was also oddly inspiring to know how much one can achieve without being above ground. Highly recommend to the city planners at URA working on the Population White Paper.

– Lim Yejie

KLW 2018 was a great experience in all aspects, from the very helpful speakers to the perfectly planned activities. I joined this KLW for the first time in my study in Germany as while I did my studies in Singapore, I am not a Singaporean. Meeting with the Singaporeans in Berlin made me realize how much I miss the Singlish speaking Asian community, as both the members and the organizers are some of the most cheerful bunch I’ve met.

The career talk kindly hosted by the Singaporean Embassy itself is an extremely helpful one for any Southeast Asian studying or working in Germany, as unlike normal talks, they don’t just highlight the plight of Asians working in Germany, but also German point of view of life in Southeast Asia. This talk gave a very good idea of pursuing a future in Germany, the overall health of German economy and industries, and the overall cultural differences and similarities, an extremely valuable insight for students that are pondering on their future just like myself.

– Adrian Ngadi

Special Edition – You think, I thought, who confirm?

For non-Singaporeans, learning Singlish can be really challenging.
On the other hand, for Singaporeans already used to the sounds of Singlish, German could be perplexing.
To bridge this transition, here are lingos that are similar if not identical in both languages.
Share with us, if you know any other words and phrases that are similar in both languages!



SSAG AGM ’18: A Special Edition Review Article

Thanks to everybody for making AGM 2018 an unprecedented success!

In May 2017, we hosted our AGM in Munich at Rohde & Schwarz. For our KLW, we headed north to the Singapore Embassy in Berlin, and made SSAG history with our first-ever student career event, “Was SSAGen die Unternehmen?” in October 2017.

This year, Mann + Hummel, a family-owned German firm and global leader in filtration systems, extended a generous invitation for us to host our AGM at their new Technologiezentrum in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. Naturally, we were very excited to work together with them, and the many hours of cooperation and hard work culminated in a smoothly-run event which elicited a very high level of engagement from our SSAG participants.

The event sowed the seeds for future cooperation between the SSAG and M+H, and offered SSAG members a chance to get a glimpse, as well as to gain a foothold into the filtration industry. Some students have already linked up with the relevant parties at M+H to discuss the possibility of future research collaborations and employment opportunities.


The SSAG Exco would like to express their immense gratitude to the following parties who have been invaluable in making this event possible:

  • Mann+Hummel, for hosting us extremely graciously;
  • Mr. Thomas Fischer, Chairman of M+H, for his continued enthusiasm in supporting the close partnership between M+H and Singapore;
  • Mr. Thomas John, Head of HR at M+H, for his close collaboration and support during the event organisation;
  • Mr. Jan-Marek Pfau, VP People & Organisation at M+H, for deftly delivering knowledge to us and keeping the interested minds of the students highly engaged during his presentation and workshop;
  • Ms. Daniela Umbach from M+H, for her indispensable cooperation in constructing the event schedule, as well as her hard work on the AGM day itself to keep the event running seamlessly;
  • Ms Sun Yidan from the Economic Development Board, for her highly valuable assistance throughout the course of the event organisation and unwavering support of the SSAG’s activities;
  • As well as all other M+H employees involved in the event, especially our museum guide and Feinstaubfresser engineers, for their valuable insights.


Furthermore, thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors, we were able to provide an action-packed schedule alongside the day we spent at M+H. In this regard, we would also like to gratefully extend a heartfelt thank you to the following alumni and friends of SSAG:

  • Mr. Jason Chan, SSAG alumnus and 2002 Treasurer, for his long-time support and generous donation which has allowed us to cover many AGM costs including activities, transport, breakfast, and dinner on Monday night;
  • Dr. Lim Boon Huat of Rohde & Schwarz Asia, together with;
  • Mr. Loke Ping Bu, SSAG alumnus, for their steady support and for jointly sponsoring our Sunday lunch at the Schloss;
  • Ms. Toh Yue Lin, SSAG alumnus and 2016 Treasurer, for sponsoring our barbeque dinner on Saturday evening;
  • Our other valued donors and sponsors for their contributions which have allowed us to cover/subsidise other aspects of the AGM weekend;


A special hello goes out to Mr. Loke Ping Bu and Ms. Toh Yue Lin for keeping the alumni dream alive, and driving all the way up from Munich to wholeheartedly join in the fun on Saturday and Sunday. Last but not least, we would like to shout out a huge THANK YOU! to the SSAG members and friends, all of whom took time out of their busy schedules to travel to Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart from as far away as Frankfurt an der Oder and Switzerland.

On behalf of the Exco, we hope you had a blast at AGM, just like we did. This Special Edition Article is a simple roundup of the events which occurred over the AGM weekend – hopefully it will serve to preserve your fond memories of AGM in the years to come. We’re looking forward to seeing you again in a few months at the KLW!


– Ryanne, on behalf of SSAG Exco 17/18

The SSAG Annual General Meeting 2018 took place on the last weekend of April. It is my second time attending this yearly event that brings Singaporean students in German-speaking countries in Europe together not only for a weekend of fun and laughter but also fruitful learning.

After the interesting bonding sessions over the barbeque as well as various tours and activities on the first two days, we concluded the event with a company visit, where the Annual General Meeting also took place. The day at Mann und Hummel’s headquarters in Ludwigsburg began with an engaging introduction to the company’s general operations, technologies and goals. We also learned about the challenges faced by the filter industry, as well as how a German family owned business strategically expanded its operations to various locations in the world, including Singapore. The interactive hands-on discussions that followed, about topics relating to the environment and technology was extremely informative, allowing each of us to learn something new about hitherto familiar issues such as pollution.

That afternoon was spent learning about the history of Mann und Hummel as well as current focuses of the company. It was interesting to learn about how the company transited from focusing in the textile industry to becoming a world-renowned firm serving a wide range of industries today. This was particularly interesting for students who are studying business and humanities such as history, while the evolution of technology over the decades was remarkably stunning for the other students studying STEM subjects.

The demonstration of the current focus of the company was also germane to scientific and engineering fields, allowing the majority of the students who are enrolled in engineering related degrees to better understand the roles demanded in the labor market by German companies today and in the future. We also had a chance to connect with a hiring manager during the question and answer session, which allowed us the opportunity to raise queries pertinent to the hiring process and learn more about the roles companies such as Mann und Hummel require.

The last activity at that day was the Annual General Meeting, during which the outgoing exco gave an overview of the past year, followed by the voting for the incoming executive committee. After new goals were set for the coming year, we all mused about the interesting facts we learned that day. Despite our different specializations, we agreed that each and every one had something to take away from the activities of that day. The meaningful insights, together with the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make memories with new friend, made this AGM a particularly rewarding experience for me.

– Priscilla Tan

This year, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) organised by the Singapore Students’ Association of Germany (SSAG). The SSAG AGM is a yearly event with the aim of bringing Singaporeans studying in German-speaking countries together. I felt that it would be an excellent platform to engage with fellow Singaporeans and the perfect excuse to travel to and explore Stuttgart over the long weekend.

Upon arriving in Stuttgart, my belief in the presence of an instant connection between fellow overseas Singaporeans was not unfounded. Living in Germany, where the population of Singaporeans is relatively small in comparison to some other countries, has enabled me to cherish the prospects of engaging in English (or Singlish) conversations, living to eat and simply relinquishing my insecurities in a foreign land – all best achieved in the company of other Singaporeans. And I believe that our unique Singaporean traits such as these helped us to build up rapport with one another within a short span of time.

Furthermore, sharing our common experiences in Germany brought us closer. Although we engaged in and bonded through a variety of activities, such as being awed by the grand Ludwigsburg castle, taking a leisure stroll through a park or enjoying our savoury barbeque dinner, we resonated even better through our similar experiences settling into varsity life away from home, missing Singaporean cuisine and looking back at how far our German has come. Topped off with our game of Limpeh Says – the true highlight of our finale night – I never felt such a closeness to home since I began university life here.

Indeed, my first AGM has been an unforgettable one and I am thankful for the SSAG executive committee for organising this four-day programme. I hope that the feeling of home we experienced would remain in us for even longer.


– Elizabeth Tong

Während des Wochenendes vom 28. April bis 1. Mai waren etwa 20 singapurische Studenten und ich wegen des Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 ein paar Tage in Ludwigsburg unterwegs. Und es war wirklich schön.

In den 4 Tagen haben wir einen Rundgang durch die herrlichen Prunkräume des Residenzschlosses Ludwigsburg gemacht, ins Griffwerk gebouldert, eine Grillparty gemacht und einander durch die zahlreiche Aktivitäten kennengelernt. Der Kontakt zur Industrie bei der Jahreshauptversammlung bei Mann+Hummel war für die Vielzahl unserer Ingenieurswissenschaftsstudenten besonders relevant, denn sie hatten die Gelegenheit, direkt mit dem Anwerber zu sprechen und sich nach der Relevanz ihres Studienganges mit den Arbeitsstellen in der Firma erkundigen.

Ich habe an dieser AGM teilgenommen, in der Hoffnung, neue Freundschaften zu schließen. Ich habe aber so viel mehr erlangt, als ich gehofft habe: ich habe neue Freundschaften geknüpft, Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen bei unserer Eingewöhnung in Deutschland ausgetauscht, interessante Anekdoten geteilt, und natürlich auch Hinweise dazu bekommen, wo man die beste Ramen oder das köstlichste Dim Sum essen kann. Die freundlichen Gespräche mit unserem familiären singapurischen Redestil sind eine der Aspekte, die ich an Singapur am meisten vermisse. Die lockeren Unterhaltungen und einzigartigen singapurischen Humor erfährt man sonst nirgends in Deutschland. Der beste Teil war, dass wir alle dasselbe Gemeinschaftsgefühl erlebt haben.

Als ich meine Gedanken hier niederschrieb, hatte ich das Gefühl, dass ich mich in Deutschland noch nie zuvor so wahrhaft zu Hause gefühlt habe. Ich hatte das Glück, an der AGM 2018 teilgenommen zu haben und ich hoffe, dass die ankommenden Erstis in den nächsten Jahren dieselbe Freude mit uns teilen können.


– Foo Yee Cheng

AGM 2018 Presentation and Election Results

We are proud to announce the election of the new Executive Committee!

President: Ryanne Leong
Vice-Presidents: Jacob Lee, Jimson Eng
Treasurer: Jack Tan
PR Manager: Priscilla Tan
Secretary: Lucas Tan

It’s been a pleasure serving you and we wish our incoming Exco all the best for the coming year.

Yours sincerely,
SSAG Exco 2017/18

AGM 2018 Registration is now open!

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018


Dates: 28 April (Sat) – 1 May 2018 (Tues)

Register now at:

Registration Deadline: 7 Apr 2018

*Registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment via bank transfer within the deadline. We endeavour to assist last minute registrants with accommodation bookings, however we cannot guarantee availability or prices registrations beyond the deadline.*


The AGM is one of the SSAG’s semi-annual get-togethers for Singapore students (and friends!) who are studying in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is a great way to meet new friends, catch up with old ones ,and to explore a new (hopefully!) destination together! During the AGM, the outgoing EXCO will present its summary for the year and a new incoming EXCO will be elected. Of course, it is also a time for us to get in touch with our roots and speak some Singlish, and most importantly, to indulge in what has now become our national past-time, MAKAN!!!

This year, we are pleased to announce a collaboration with Mann+Hummel, a global market leader in filtration technologies. They will be offering their premises to us for the conduct of the AGM itself as well as a tour of their headquarters.

As with every AGM, we would like to officially call for nominations for the incoming EXCO! Nominate your friends if you think they are suitable and equipped for the job of serving the Singaporean student body in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! But please do not fire sneaky arrows at your friends – tell them if you nominated them! Self-nominations are welcome and even encouraged 😉

Submit your nominations here:

If you have not already signed up with us to receive our updates, do register at the following link:


General Itinerary: (tentative, subject to change)


Saturday, 28.04.2018

Arrival + Free & Easy


Ice-Breaking/ Games


Sunday, 29.04.2018

Activities to be confirmed! (Please indicate in the registration form)


Monday, 30.04.2018

Talks presented at M+H premises

Conduct of AGM


Tuesday. 01.05.2018

Breakfast and check-out

Spontaneous lunch



Event costs:

Accommodation and Activities per night: 25 EUR per night

This will be the price for student members of the SSAG, courtesy of our partners and the SSAG Alumni.



Please transfer payment for accommodation to the bank account administered by our Exco Treasurer in order to confirm your attendance.


Bank Details

Kontoinhaber / Account holder: Pui Lap Jacob Lee

IBAN Account: DE04 5087 0024 0072 8642 00

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank



Please indicate your name (as written in the registration form) in the comments section when making the SEPA transfer. If you have any issues with payment, please drop us an e-mail at and we will assist you.


That’s it for now, we are looking forward to see you in Stuttgart!!


Best regards,

SSAG Exco 2017-18

Kennenlernenwochenende (KLW) 2017 Registration is now open!


Dates: 5 October (Thurs) – 8 October 2017 (Sun)
Register now at:
Registration Deadline: 25 September 2017

*Registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment via bank transfer within the deadline. We endeavour to assist last minute registrants with accommodation bookings, however we cannot guarantee availability or prices registrations beyond the deadline.*


The KLW is one of the SSAG’s semi-annual get-togethers for Singapore students (and friends!) who are studying in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is a great way to meet new friends, catch up with old ones ,and to explore a new (hopefully!) destination together! It is also a time for us to get in touch with our roots and speak some Singlish, and most importantly, to indulge in what has now become our national past-time, MAKAN!!!


General Itinerary: (tentative, subject to change)

Thursday, 05.10.2017
Arrival + Free & Easy
Ice-Breaking/ Games

Friday, 06.10.2017
Talks presented at the Singapore Embassy@Berlin
Lunch sponsored by the Embassy
Dinner sponsored by Rhode & Schwarz Asia

Saturday, 07.10.2017
Activities to be confirmed! (Please indicate in the registration form)
(After-Dinner Karaoke on either Friday or Saturday night for those interested/those who still have energy!)

Sunday. 08.10.2017
Breakfast and spontaneous lunch


Event costs:
Accommodation and Activities per night: 25 EUR per night
This will be the price for student members of the SSAG, courtesy of our partners and the SSAG Alumni.



Please transfer payment for accommodation to the bank account of our Exco Treasurer in order to confirm your attendance.
The bank details are as follows:

Kontoinhaber / Account holder: Pui Lap Jacob Lee
IBAN Account: DE04 5087 0024 0072 8642 00
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank

Please indicate your name (as written in the registration form) in the comments section when making the SEPA transfer. If you have any issues with payment, please drop us an e-mail at and we will assist you.


That’s it for now, we are looking forward to see you in Berlin!!

Best regards,
SSAG Exco 2017-18

Pre-Departure Dinner 2017

Hi all!

We will be organising our annual Pre-Departure Dinner this year on 16th September, Saturday, 7pm  at the Paulaner Bräuhaus @ Millenia Walk!

The director of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Ms Claudia Finner, and our current Vice-President, Ryanne Leong will be there, as well as some of our alumni. Feel free to ask them any questions you have!

Do sign up at the link below if you’re interested:


Hope to see you there! 😉

Welcome to SSAG!

Servus, Moin, Grüezi, Grüß dich, Hallo – Welcome to!

It doesn’t matter if you’re into experiencing the bustle of up-and-coming Berlin, revelling with friends in Biergartens across traditional-yet-modern Munich, living it up Swiss-style in Zürich, singing to the sound of music in Salzburg or simply curious to find out more about higher education in Germany whilst in sunny Singapore; we at SSAG hope that this website will be your one-stop portal to staying local while going global – well, in Germany and surrounding German-speaking countries at least!

All of us at SSAG understand the anxieties and sense of apprehension one faces when stepping out of our Singaporean and usual Anglophone comfort zone, especially when it involves embarking on a new chapter of our education. It is with this in mind that we at SSAG decided to put together all the important information that you’ll need with respect to studying in Germany. Popular topics and commonly sought tips can be found on your right, while more in-depth information and step-by-step guides on coming to as well as settling down in Germany can be accessed from the navigation bar above (viz. ‘Studying in Germany’ and ‘Living in Germany’). You can also find out more about who we are, what we do, where our members are located and how to get into contact with us from the navigation bar above. While most of our members are located in Germany, apart from providing information on studying in Germany, we nonetheless try to provide as much pointers as we can for those looking to study in Switzerland or in Austria in the respective sections as well. For our German as well as German-speaking friends from Switzerland, Austria and beyond who are keen to learn about the sunny island called Singapore which we hail from, feel free to explore our ‘SG:DE’ section; through our short but informative articles in both German and English, we hope to do our part in encouraging and facilitating intercultural exchanges as well as understanding between Germans and Singaporeans!

Although we try to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible, given our constraints we understand that our guides and lists are not exhaustive. For this reason, we hope that you would ‘Like’ our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter to show your support and receive the latest updates; most importantly, join our Facebook Group so that we can get back to you without delay – after all, the SSAG works together as a family and we are sure our currently over 250 members as well as alumni on our Facebook Group would be more than glad to speedily answer your queries. For those of you who know you’ll be joining us in Germany soon or are already in Germany, we urge you to register with us so that we can assist you to the best of our abilities, be it ensuring you’re personally kept in the loop regarding our or our partners’ activities near you, as well as helping you link up with friends around your area. Should you need to update your particulars, please use this Update form!

Last but not least, we cannot emphasise enough how all of us here at SSAG are friends first and foremost and would be glad to help you should you have any questions or require any assistance in anyway – just like how family should. Any recent updates and announcements can be found right under this post. Once again, don’t hesitate to approach any of us (be it personally or on social platforms such as our Facebook group) and with that, we wish you all the best!




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